From Rogers Hornsby to Rudy Tomjanovich

** Rogers Hornsby, George Sisler, Ty Cobb, and Ted Williams all hit over .400.

** Karl Malone was one of the greatest power forwards ever.

** Leo “the lip” Durocher was Babe Ruth’s roommate on the great Yankee teams of the 1920s.

** Wade Boggs backed into the hitting title in 1986.  He decided to sit out the last couple of games against the Yankees.  His chief competitor for the batting crown was Don Mattingly

** The 1966-67 Philadelphia 76ers was the greatest NBA team ever.  Their triumvirate of Billy Cunningham, Wilt Chamberlain, and Hal Greer was awesome.  Their record that year was 68-13, and they won 46 of their first 50 games.  Alex Hannum was the coach.

**Remember Davey Johnson?  He never got much praise from the press, but boy could he manage.  He managed the Orioles, Mets, and Cincinnati at one time or another, and he won with all three teams.

** As far as baseball players go, Mel Stottlemyre never got his due from the media.  A three-time 20-game winner, His lifeime ERA was 2.97.

** The following players are among those who never got a championship ring.  Karl Malone, Patrick Ewing, Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, Charles Barkley, Francis Tarkenton, Ernie Banks, Ted Williams, and Ty Cobb.

** Wayne Gretzky was a big scorer, but how about his assists.  He had an NHL record 163 career assists, which just might be unbreakable.

** Remember when Kermit Washington punched Rudy Tomjanovich in 1977.  It almost cost Tomjanovich his life.

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