From the Brawl to Hi Ya Small Fry | Schenectady

Solid Weapons – Mickey Ferraro was the leading running back on the strong Mont Pleasant football team of 1954. That squad had solid weapons at nearly every position. The Red Raiders played in the Class A League which was very strong from top to bottom that year. Outside of league play, Pleasant beat powerful White Plains. Quarterback Eddie Ricciardi masterfully directed the Mont Pleasant attack, and Lou DeMarco and Mickey Petrolle anchored the line.

The Doctor – Al Baskous, a talented wrestler on John Ciabotti’s Niskayuna High team in the 1960s, attended Harvard and Jefferson Medical College, then became a practicing physician in Anchorage, Alaska. The Baskous family once owned a liquor store in Schenectady. You may have seen their adds on the sports pages of Schenectady newspapers many years ago.

Sparklers – Charlie Seber, the vocal manager of Sealtist of the Schenectady Babe Ruth League in 1959 and a city politician, had his players light sparklers in the dugout when his team was behind, and he wanted the game called because of darkness.

The Head Trick – A Schenectady County little leaguer was playing the outfield and tracking a fly ball. He misjudged the flight of the ball and it hit him on the top of the head and bounced over the fence. It was ruled a homerun.

Hi Ya Smalll Fry – This was Howard Tupper’s greeting on Sunday mornings when he hosted TV Tournament Time on WRGB. Skip Vigars Sr., Johnny Walther, or Joey Schmidt often reigned as ”King of the Hill.”

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