From the Stanford University Hotshot to a Yankee Third Baseman

Who am I?  Answers below

1. I revolutionized the game of basketball when I released a one-handed push shot on the run while playing for Stanford University.

2. I’m the Walter who retired from baseball in 1927 with records for most strikeouts and shutouts.

3. Eddie Arcaro rode me to the Kentucky Derby win in 1941.

4. I pitched for the New York Yankees and set a record for scoreless innings pitched in the 1961 World Series.

5. My .424 batting average set a major league record in 1924.

6. I played for the Minneapolis Lakers and was the first big man in basketball.

7. I’m the Archie who as a middleweight won my first 13 fights by knockout.

8. I’m the South African who won the Masters in 1961.

9. When I carried the football, I punished my opponents, and I was the first pro player to rush for more than 10,000 yards in 1964.

10. I played third base for the Yankees and wore number 9.




answers – 1. Hank Luisetti 2. Walter Johnson 3. Whitey Ford 3. Whirlaway 4. Whitey Ford 5. Rogers Hornsby 6. George Mikan 7. Archie Moore 8. Gary Player 9. Jim Brown 10. Craig Nettles

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