George, Guy & Matty

What are their last names?  Answers Below

1. This George, whose last name begins with Y, played for the Detroit Pistons and led the NBA in scoring in 1958.

2. This Wes was the 1968 NBA Rookie of the Year.  He played for the Baltimore Bullets.

3. This Guy was a southpaw and among the NBA’s all-time assist leaders.  He fed Wilt a lot.

4. This Howard of Bowling Green (1964) averaged 36.7 points per game one year.

5. McGuire called this Butch “French Pastry” because of his graceful style when bringing the basketball down the floor.

6. This Matty had two other brothers who were major leaguers.

7. A New York Yankee named Joe whose last name begins with G.  He p;layed in 1,000 games and had 1,000 hits.

8. An Indians outfielder named Rocky, he had 374 career homeruns.

9. Knuckleballing Hoyt.

10. The Bill  slammed a homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning in game seven to give the Pirates a win over the Yankees, and the 1960 World Series.




answers – 1. George Yardley 2. Wes Unseld 3. Guy Rodgers 4. Howard Komives 5. Butch Lee 6. Matty Alou 7. Joe Gordon 8. Rocky Colavito 9. Hoyt Wilhelm 10. Bill Mazeroski

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