George Steinbrenner to the “Brown Bomber”

Answers below

1. Which New York Yankee manager did George Steinbrenner fire four times?

2. Which horse finished second to Affirmed in all three legs of Triple Crown?

3. Who was the great Southern Illinois basketball player who was named the MVP of the NIT in 1967?  He later played for the Knicks.

4. Which horse upset Native Dancer in the 1953 Kentucky Derby?

5. Which horse was disqualified from purse money after winning the Kentucky Derby because a drug called phenylbutazone was found in his system?

6. Who was the coach of the Chicago Bears when they won the Super Bowl in 1986?

7. Who was the youngest male tennis player to win at Wimbledon?  a. Boris Becker b. Bjorn Borg c. John McEnroe

8. Who was the Louisville basketball star who was nicknamed “Never Nervous Pervis?”

9. Who was the top money-winning jockey 10 times from 1951 to 1964?

10. Who held the world heavyweight boxing title longer than anyone in boxing history?




answers – 1. Billy Martin 2. Alydar 3. Walt Frazier 4. Dark Star 5. Dancer’s Image 6. Mike Ditka 7. a 8. Pervis Ellison 9. Willie Shoemaker 10. Joe Louis



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