Grover Cleveland Alexander’s 90 Shutouts to Wilt’s 100 Points

90 to 100

90 – The number of shutouts pitched by Grover Cleveland Alexander.

91- The number of seconds it took for Mike Tyson to Knockout Michael Spinks.

92 – San Francisco marched this number of yards to win Super Bowl XXIII.

93 – Chris Webber called the infamous timeout in the NCAA title game in 1993.

94 – The year of the baseball strike.

95 – The number of errorless games for Cal Ripken at shortstop.

96 – The number of stolen bases by Ty Cobb.

97 – The number of pitches thrown by Don Larsen in his perfect game.

98 – The drive.  The number of yards John Elway marched his team down the field.

99 – The number worn by Wayne Gretzky.

100- The number of points scored by Wilt Chamberlain against the New York Knicks.




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