Hardball Hitters

Answers below

1. Which St. Louis Cardinal with the unique stance won 7 batting titles?

2. Which New York Yankee won 5 RBI titles?  He played with Ruth.

3. Which Red Sox player hit a game-winning homerun off the foul pole in the 1975 World Series?

4. Who hit the homerun in the ninth inning to beat the New York Yankees in game seven of the 1960 World Series?

5. Who were the two brothers who hit homeruns in the same game for the Red Sox?

6.  What was Henry Aaron’s baseball-playing brother’s first name?

7. Did Mickey Mantle win the homerun title 5 times?

8. Did Willie Mays ever win the RBI title ?

9. Who hit more homeruns, Ken or Clete Boyer?

10. Did Lou Gehrig win the HR title more than 3 times?




answers – 1. Stan Musial 2. Lou Gehrig 3. Carlton Fisk 4. Bill Mazeroski 5. Tony and Billy Conigliaro 6. Tommy 7. No 8. No, 4 9. Ken 10. No, just 3




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