He Forgot to Put On His Uniform

We (UMass) were playing the University of Vermont one night, and I was sitting on the bench during the action.  Our coach looked down the bench and called out to one of my teammates to enter the game.  My teammate yelled back, “I can’t coach.”  “What do you mean you can’t?  Come up here and check into the game.” was our coach’s response.  Once again my teammate yelled back, “I can’t.”  Now, our coach became very enraged and walked down the bench to the player and took him by the arm.  “Please coach.” said the player.  “I forgot to put on my uniform.” He had his warmup suit on with nothing under it.  I guess he must have been a little nervous and a bit forgetful when he was suiting up before the game. Our coach had a big smirk on his face as he walked back down to take his seat on the bench.

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