Hey Schenectady County Baseball Fans, Do You Know Charley Horse?

In Chicago in 1886, the National League’s White Stockings who later gave their name to the White Sox, were scheduled to play,  when a torential downpour forced the game to be postponed.  A team member announced that a rece track located a few miles down the road was open and the team members headed there.  One player reported that he had a “hot tip” on a horse named Charley, and his teammates placed their wagers on him.  Charley left the starting gate very slowly and raced last the entire distance.  The next day, when a Chicago player pulled up lame, a team member called him a Charley Horse.  Another horse named Charley, overworked from pulling a cab in the days before the automobile, helped drag the infield for the Sioux City club and appeared to be suffering from arthritis, moving each leg with difficulty.  Soon after, players began referring to any limp or leg injury as a “Charley Horse.”

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