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1. How many years did Bill Russell win the NBA MVP award?   a.5  b. 6  c.7

2. Jerry West and the L.A. Lakers won the NBA title in which of the following years?  a.1970  b.1971  c.1972

3. The Knicks won NBA crowns in 1970 and which of the following years?  a.1971  b.1972  c.1973

4. This Dave teamed with Bradley, Frazier, and Reed on the strong Knicks’ teams of the early 1970s.

5. What was Joe DiMaggio’s batting average in 1939, when he was the AL Most Valuable Player?  a. .378  b. .381  c. .383

6. Lou Gehrig won the Triple Crown in what year?  a. 1934 b. 1935 c. 1936

7. How old was Al Kaline when he joined the Detroit Tigers?  a.18 b. 19 c. 21

8. Bobby Orr won the James Norris Trophy for the top NHL defenseman how many years in a row?  a. 6 b. 7 c. 8

9. Who was the great NHL player who led the league in scoring in 1960, 1962, and 1966?

10. Which pitcher fanned 200 or more hitters nine years in a row to set a major league record?  a. Tom Seaver b. Sandy Koufax c. Nolan Ryan




answers – 1. a  2. c  3. c  4. DeBusschere 5. b  6. a  7. a  8. c  9. Bobby Hull 10. Tom Seaver

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