How Many of You Schenectady County Sports Fans Remember These?

** When the little gal, Mary Lou Retton, scored a perfect ten on the vault, then repeated the feat in the 1984 Olympic Games.

** When the sensational Calvin Murphy scored an eye-popping 73 points against the Schenectady Schaefer Brewers in the late 1960s.

** Watching number 44, Ernie Davis, carry the pigskin for Syracuse in 1961.  He died a couple of years later from leukemia, and we never got to see just how good he would be as a pro.

** Yogi Berra hugging Don Larsen after Larsen completed his World Series perfect game.

** When Joaquin Andujar, the major league pitcher made this statement when asked how he would pitch to himself, “I’d throw me a fastball right down the middle.  What do you think, I’m gonna try and get myself out.”

** When we were saddened on December 14, 1972, when a tragic plane crash took the life of baseball great Roberto Clemente.

** One day in April, 1974, at White Sox Park, with the temperature hovering around 35 degrees, some wild fans stripped down and sprinted across the field or stood nude freezing their behinds.

**When  hammerin’ Hank Aaron cracked his 715th career homerun in 1974, breaking the old record which had been set by Babe Ruth.

** When on August 20, 1974, Nolan Ryan fired a fastball that was clocked at 100.9 miles per hour.  It broke Bob Feller’s previous mark of 98.6 mph.

** When the University of Oklahoma tallied 97 points in the first half against U.S. International to set an NCAA basketball record.


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