I Will Miss Mr. Catino

October 5, 2012

Until recent years, he was always known to me as Mr. Catino.  Eddie Catino, the former Mont Pleasant High School/George Washington University basketball star passed away recently.  Mr. Catino was my junior high school physical education teacher and basketball coach.  He was a very caring, compassionate and cordial man.  A class act!  Mr. Catino was a very knowledgable basketball coach.  I learned more about the game of basketball from Mr. Catino  than I did from any coach that I have played for at any level, and I truly mean that.  And oh, what a basketball player he was himself!  A great athlete for that matter.  Goodbye Eddie, we are all going to miss you.       Mike Meola


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Also sorry to hear about the passing of Ron Massaroni.  The Massaroni clan, another class act!  You couldn’t meet two nicer guys than Ron and his brother Joe.  Joe played football for Mont Pleasant, and he caught the pass to beat Pat Riley and his Linton team, 14-13, in 1962.


Please feel free to express your thoughts about Ron on this website.


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