Isiah Thomas, Richard Pitino, Al Golden, & The Owls

All About Florida – Answers Below

1. This Florida university is located in Boca Raton, and Mike Jarvis was their basketball coach in 2012.

2. Richard Pitino took over for Isiah Thomas as the basketball coach of  this Florida university.

3. Al Golden is this Florida university’s head football coach.

4. Jim Larranaga is this university’s head basketball coach.

5. Florida State is located in this city.

6. Leonard Hamilton is the basketball coach at this university.

7. The Universiy of Florida is located in this city.

8. This Jimmy coached the University of Miami and the Dolphins.

9. Their nickname is the Owls.

10. What is the nickname of Florida State University?




answers – 1. Florida Atlantic University 2. Florida International 3. Miami 4. Miami 5. Tallahassee 6. Florida State University 7. Gainsville 8. Jimmy Johnson 9. Florida Atlantic University 10. The Seminoles

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