Jabbers & Punchers

Who are these fighters?  Answers below

1. Who was the Ezzard who fought during the Jersey Joe, Marciano era?

2. Marciano beat him for the heavyweight crown.

3. Attempting a comeback,  Ali lost to him in 1980.

4. Who was the Roland that Marciano beat in one of his title defenses?

5. Who was the fighter of the decade of the 1980s?

6. Who did Sugar Ray Leonard beat in 1981 on a knockout  in the 14th round for the welterweight crown?

7. Who did Marvin Hagler knock out for the middleweight crown in 1980?

8. Who was the Vito that Hagler fought to a draw in 1979?

9. Who was the fighter who was known as the “Hitman”?

10. Who quit in the eighth round in a rematch with Sugar Ray Leonard?




answers – 1. Ezzard Charles 2. Jersey Joe Walcott 3. Larry Holmes 4. Roland LaStarza 5. Sugar Ray Leonard 6. Tommy Hearns 7. Alan Minter 8. Vito Antuofermo 9. Tommy Hearns 10. Roberto Duran

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