Jerry Bailey, Pat Day & The Breeder’s Cup Winners

Answers Below

1. Pat Day rode this 1990 winner who did wear a bridle.

2. The 1989 winner snorted every day but Sunday.

3. The 1992 winner was A..P _____.

4. The owner lit one up when this horse won it in 1995.

5. Jerry Bailey was in the irons when this decked-out horse won the affair.

6. In 1996, this A to Z horse won it.

7. This horse skipped his way to victory in 1997.

8. This horse stole the race with Pat Day aboard in ’99.

9. In 2004, this horse zapped the field to cross the line first.

10. 2000 “tiz” the time for this horse to cross the finish line in front. He also won it in 2001.




answers – 1. Unbridled 2. Sunday Silence 3. Indy 4. Cigar 5. Black Tie Affair 6. Alphabet Soup 7. Skip Away 8. Cat Thief 9. Ghostzapper 10. Tiznow


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