Jim Brown at the Head of the Class

Now my favorite pro running backs


1. Jimmy Brown – A punishing runner to the inside and great speed to the outside.

2. Gale Sayers – If he had had a longer career, he just might have gone to the top of the list.  An electrifying runner.

3. OJ Simpson – A threat to go all the way everytime he touched the football.  Simpson had sprinter’s speed.

4. Walter Payton – A resilient running back.  He was versatile and seemed to be playing forever.

5. Emmitt Smith – A durable back who was the all-time rushing leader.

6. Barry Sanders – He could do it all.

7. Franco Harris – Not the fastest running back, but somehow always found a way to get the job done.

8. Jim Taylor – A real battler who loved to run over people.  Had great battles with Sam Huff.

9. Paul Hornung – Mr. versatility for the Packers.

10. Earl Campbell – All strength and power, he was the Houston Oiler stalwart.




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