Jim Brown & Joe Namath

How much do you know about them?  Answers below

Jim Brown

1. At which sport besides football did Brown excel?

2. Where did he play his college football?

3. How many yards did he rack up during his pro career?  a. Over 11,000  b. Over 12,000  c. Over 13,000

4. What number did he wear?

5.  Who was the other great running back who was often compared to Brown?  His middle name was James.

Joe Namath

1. Where did he play his college football?

2. Who was his first pro coach?

3. What was the score of Super Bowl game the Jets won in 1969?

4. Namath amassed how many career passing yards?  a. 3,590  b. 3,918  c. 4,002

5.  What were his two nicknames?

Bonus question – Who was Jimmy Brown’s college football coach?




answersJim Brown – 1. Lacrosse 2. Syracuse 3. b 4. 32 5. O.J. Simpson  Joe Namath – 1. Alabama 2. Weeb Ewbank 3. 16-7 4. c 5. Broadway Joe & Joe Willie –  Bonus Question answer – Ben Schwartzwalder










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