Jog Your Memory

Answers below

1. Who was Jim, the Wide World of Sports guy?

2. Who was Floyd Patterson’s tough talking trainer?

3. Who was Ali’s trainer?

4. This fighter was known as the “Hitman”.

5. This fighter said “no mas” and quit in a fight against Sugar Ray Leonard.

6. Ali beat this grill man in Zaire.

7. This Columbia basketball star beat out Wilt Chamberlain of Kansas for College Basketball Player of the Year honors in 1957, and later became the director of sports for ABC.

8. What is Joe Frazier’s boxer son’s first name?

9. The golden throated radio voice of the L.A. Dodgers.

10. Who knocked out Emile Griffith with a left hook to win the middleweight crown in 1967?



answers – 1. John McKay 2. Cus D’Amato 3. Angelo Dundee 4. Tommy Hearns 5. Roberto Duran 6. George Foreman 7. Chet Forte 8. Marvis 9. Vin Scully 10. Nino Benvenuti

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