Just Some Thoughts

** There have been a lot of long win streaks among Capital Region sports teams over the years, but the 300-plus win streak of the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake girls volleyball team is absolutely incredible.  I might have missed it, but this feat deserves national recognition.

** When its over, which Gallo will have been the best?  Frank Gallo Junior is really lighting it up through the airways at Guilderland this season.  His father, Frank Senior, was a pretty darn steady and effective signal-caller for Mont Pleasant a couple of decades ago.

** As just athletes go (no coaching), Ernie Stautner, the former  Vincentian football player, and Sam Perkins, the Shaker basketball star, would have to rate as the two area athletes who have had the most productive careers.  Both were well above average pro players. I probably have forgotten someone.

** Who was the better basketball player, Lionel Chalmers or Willie Deane?

** Schalmont running back Devon Willis has got to be a legitimate Division I prospect.

** Former Schalmont basketball coach Freddie Smith was equal to Linton’s Walt Przybylo when it came to motivating their players.

** Paul DellaVilla was the hotshot running back on the 1962 Mont Pleasant football team, but backfield mate Ralph Moore was  big and  powerful and he loved to run over people.  Even Notre Dame took a look at him.

** Jim Tedisco played basketball for Division III Union College, but he would have excelled had selected a Division I school. He had all the tools.

** Remember when the California invader Ridan came to Saratoga and took on Jaipur?  Jaipur, with Eddie Arcaro in the irons, got a head in front at the wire.  Arcaro always had a flair for the dramatic.  It was the greatest race that I have ever seen.

** And let’s not forget the cagey Amsterdam High School basketball mentor, Johnny Varsoke. Over the years, he put together some very prolific teams.  Remember the Fabulou Five?


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