Kareem, Juan & Lenny

Answers below

1. Al Simmons and this Jimmie cracked 93 homeruns between them for the Athletics in 1932.

2. A Chicago company once marketed a teddy bear  by the name of Kareem Abdul _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

3. This Juan in a million had a high leg kick and pitched in 1966.  He had 51 career shutouts.

4. This great Astros pitching prospect who was a fireballer, was the victim of a stroke while on the mound.

5. In 1986, this George of the New York Mets was the highest paid player in the majors with an income of $2 million.

6. A basketball All-American named Lenny, who played for Maryland and was drafted by the Celtics, died of cardiorespiratory arrest brought on by cocaine intoxication.

7. This hockey player scored a record 92 goals in one season.

8. Who was the New York Yankees manager when Reggie Jackson was playing for them in 1977?

9. Who knocked out Buster Mathis in 1968 and was declared the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion by six states.  Previous to the fight, Ali had been stripped of the title for refusing induction into the army.

10. At the age of fifteen, he became the youngest player in baseball history, when he pitched part of an inning for Cincinnati in 1944.




answers – 1. Jimmie Foxx 2. Jabbear 3. Marichal 4. J.R. Richard 5. George Foster 6. Lenny Bias 7. Wayne Gretzky 8. Billy Martin 9. Joe Frazier 10. Joe Nuxhall

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