Kentucky’s Givens, Lazzeri of the Yankees & Georgetown’s Pinckney

What are their first names?  Answers Below

1. Barry was this basketball great’s last name, not his first.

2. They called Givens of Kentucky basketball “Goose'”.

3. Villanova upset Georgetown in the NCAA final in 1985 behind the superb play of _ _ _ _ _ Pinckney.

4. Lazzeri of the Yankees.

5. Wertz, the Cleveland Indians player.

6. Rhodes of the Giants.  He was the batting star in the 1954 World Series.

7. Ameche of the Colts who scored the winning touchdown against the New York Giants in ’58 for the NFL title.

8. Esposito of Boston Bruins hockey fame.

9. The Riggs who lost to Billy Jean King in Tennis

10. The Jeffries who was knocked out by Jack Johnson in the 15th round for the heavyweight title in 1910.




answers – 1. Rick 2. Jack 3. Eddie 4. Tony 5. Vic 6. Dusty 7. Alan 8. Phil 9. Bobby 10. Jim


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