Kobe Bryant & Shaquille O’Neal Buddies Again

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal were not exactly the best of friends when they were teammates in Los Angeles.  But O’Neal sat courtside during a recent L.A. game, and according to Bryant, the two are now getting along, and they talked before the game (a 91-85 Laker win over the Pistons).  “It was good to see him,” Bryant said.  “Shaq and I have a really good relationship now.  It’s good.  I think it’s a good lesson for all of us.”  Playing together in Los Angeles, the two super-stars teamed up for three straight champships from 2000 to 2002.  “I think we appreciate each other more now than ever.”  “I think the further you get away from the history that you had together, the more you put perspective on it on how dominate we were.”  “It’s fun for us to kind of get together again and kind of reminisce on some of the old stories.”

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