Kurt of the Rams, Lenny the Winningest Coach & Others

What are their last names?  Answers Below

1. Pete, the former tennis star who had 14 career grand slam wins.

2. Kurt of the Rams.  Super Bowl MVP in 2000.

3. Al, the Indy 500 winner 4 times.

4. Lenny, the winningest coach in NBA history.

5. Katarina, the German figure skater who won the Olympic gold in ’84 and ’88.

6. The Mike who played third base for the Phillies and led the NL in homeruns 8 times.

7. The Bob who was a fireballer for the Indians and pitched 3 no-hitters.

8. The Larry who was a running back for Syracuse and the Dolphins.  He is in the Hall of Fame.

9. This Marcus of USC won the Heisman in 1981.

10. Who was the Bob who led the NBA in scoring from 1974-76, when he played for Buffalo?




answers –  1. Sampras 2. Warner 3. Unser 4. Wilkins 5. Witt 6. Schmidt 7.Feller 8. Csonka 9. Allen 10. McAdoo

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