LaDainian Tomlinson & a QB Who Passed For 50 TDs

Answers below

1. The great running back LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for at least 10 touchdowns in each of his 11 NFL seasons.  True or False

2. In 2004, who became the very first QB to pass for more than 30 touchdowns and was intercepted fewer than 10 times in one season?

3.  Who leads the NFL in career touchdowns scored.

4. Who are the two defensive players with the same last name who have scored more than 10 touchdowns by returning interceptions.

5.  Who is the only quarterback in NFL history to pass for 50 touchdowns in one season?




answers – 1. False – He did it in only his first 9 years 2. Donovan McNabb 3. Jerry Rice 4. Charles Woodson and Ron Woodson 5. Tom Brady

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