Laughs with Frank Layden

Frank Layden, the former Utah Jazz basketball coach, was one of the most comical people in the world of sports.  Here are a few reflections by the Brooklyn born , weight conscious Layden.

“When I lived in Brooklyn, I was 18 years-old before I found out the cops were paid by the city too.”

When asked if they had nicknames for kids when he was in high school:  “Yeah, there were a lot of them.  Scarface, Blackie, Toothless, and those were just the cheerleaders.”

Explaining how he regained the weight he had lost.  “It just snacked up on me.”

At a roast for professional basketball coach Doug Moe.  “I understand Doug gave his wife a waterbed.  She called it the Dead Sea.”

On jockstraps:  “I know one thing, the Russians are putting them on right, and they fit their men and their women.”

Life with father:  “When I made the varsity at Boyd High, I needed $1.25 for an athletic supporter.  My dad thought it was a lot to spend on such a small investment.”

Discussing his ample girth:  “When I was in high school, the coach told me to haul my butt.  It took me two trips.”

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