Laughs With Utah Jazz Coach Frank Layden

Frank Layden, the former Utah Jazz basketball coach, is one of the most comical and entertaining people in the world of sports.  Here are a few reflections by the Brooklyn born, weight conscious Layden:

“When I lived in Brooklyn, I was 18 years old before I found out the cops were paid by the city too.’

When asked if they had nicknames for kids when he was in high school:  “Yeah, there were a lot of them – Scarface, Blackie, Toothless, and those were just the cheerleaders.”

Explaining how he regained the weight he had lost.  “It just snacked up on me.”

At a roast for professional basketball coach Doug Moe:  “I understand Doug gave his wife a waterbed.  She called it the Dead Sea.”

On jockstraps:  “I know one thing.  The Russians are putting them on right, and they fit their men and their women.”

Life with father.  “When I made the varsity at Boyd High, I needed $1.25 for an athletic supporter.  My dad thought it was a lot to spend on such a small investment.”

Discussing his ample girth:  “When I was in high school, the coach told me to haul my butt.  It took me two trips.”

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