Lawrence Taylor to Tom Landry

Lawrence Taylor – When he played for the University of north Carolina, he was, perhaps the most fearsome pass-rushing threat in college football history.  As the leader of the Tarheels, he was the main reason North Carolina went 11-1 in 1980.

Jimmy Brown – He averaged 5.2 yards per carry during his pro career.   Brown was a sensational lacrosse player at Syracuse.

Johnny Unitas – He was cut from his first pro team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.The Steeler coach said he wasn’t intelligent enough to be a quarterback.  The Baltimore Colts signed him for $7,00 in 1956 and the rest is history.

Bronco Nagurski – He rushed for over 4,000 yards during his pro career.  He was also a pro wrestler, and he won 300 matches.

Dan Marino – He had a lightning quick arm a la Joe Namath, and was the first NFL quarterback to record six 4,000 yard seasons.

Walter Payton – He missed just one game during his brilliant thirteen year NFL career. He had a great work ethic and ran steep hills near his home during the off season.

Tom Landry – He introduced the flex defense, and he brought back the shotgun offense.  The year (1988) Dallas fired him, the Cowboys were 3-13.

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