My Linton Teammate to be Inducted into Schenectady Hall of Fame

On September 9 at Proctor’s Theater, My Former Linton Teammate, Bob DeLuca, is being inducted into the Schenectady City School District Athletic Hall of Fame alongside Ed Barnowski, who I played against in Babe Ruth League and high school.  I cannot think if two more deserving people than these very talented athletes of the early 1960s.  They will be joined by Indianapolis 500 winner, Lee Wallard.  Bob DeLuca and I go back to junior high school days, when we shot hoops and played one-on-one and three-on-three games in his back yard on Raymond Street and at Steinmetz Park.  We also played for Oneida Junior High.   He was a superb shooter with a great touch, especially from the corner, and he had great court sense.  DeLuca was on the Linton team that beat Power Memorial and Lew Alcindor back in 1961.  Bobby scored 19 points in that game.  He went on to Cornell, where he was a two-time All-Ivy League pick alongside the great Bill Bradley of Princeton.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Eddie Barnowski and Rusty Vitallo were the two fastest pitchers during my high school years.  Barnowski had a fastball that really jumped, and I would dread going up to the plate to face him.  He was a two-time Schenectady County High School Player of the Year when he pitched for Mont Pleasant.  He later pitched for Syracuse, and then with the Baltimore Orioles.

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