Linton’s Ed Montgomery & the Merritt Dance Center

Ed Montgomery was a hardnosed and very skilled quarterback for Linton High School in the early 1970s.  He is married to Marra Merritt, who along with her mom, owns Merritt Dance Center on Albany Street in Schenectady.  It is a quality studio, and their students do extremely well when they compete against dance centers and studios from other parts of New York state and Canada who have  larger numbers of students and instructors.  Marra and Mrs Merritt are a two-women show,and thay are jacks of all trades. Marra is a superb and highly respected choreographer who is nationally recognized.  Whether it be lyrical, jazz or ballet, the Merritt Dance Center  students often win high gold and platinum medals in competition, and they seem to make big strides forward from year to year.

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