Linton’s Mike Sahr Still Accurate Off the Tee

Mike Sahr, a lefty-shooting guard, who was a starter on the undefeated (16-0) 1959-1960 Linton High basketball team that featured All-American Barry Kramer, was quite an all around athlete.  Sahr was a 2 to 3 handicap golfer in his younger years, and one of the top players on the Blue Devil golf team.  Now 70 years-old and residing in Boca Raton, Florida, he still plays to the tune of a 12 to 14 handicap.  His father Sid wasn’t a bad golfer himself,  He was not real long, but always in the fairway.  Mike Sahr played hoop at Union College, and later became a very successful certified public accountant with large business accounts throughout the world.  Sahr is a big Pat Riley-Miami Heat fan, and his son served as the Heat ball boy during Pat’s reign as the Miami head coach.  Kramer and Sahr, by the way, are cousins(their mothers are sisters).

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