Machine Guns, Deadeyes & Sharpshooters

Answers below

1. Who was the Rio Grande sharpshooter who poured in 113 points against Hillsdale in 1954?

2. Who was the Furman College star who lit-it-up for 100 points vs. Newberry College in 1954.

3. Who was the St. Louis Hawks sensation who scored 50 points in the final game of the NBA championship in 1958?

4. Who was the southpaw gunner who tickled it for 41 points for Kentucky in the NCAA final in 1978?

5. Who was the 6’11” UCLA center who muscled his was to 44 points for the Bruins in the NCAA final in 1973?

6. Who was the Providence College hotshot with the yo-yo dribble and head and shoulders fake who led the country in scoring the 1966-67 season?

7. They called him “Billy the Hill”, and he averaged over 38 points per game for Utah the 1961-62 season.

8. Howie of Bowling Green who averaged over 36 points per game the 1963-64  season.

9. A machine gun at the offensive end of the floor for Miami in 1965,  this 6’7″ All-American averaged over 37 points per game the 1964-65 season.

10. This sweet-shooting Ron was a pure shooter, and he was a member of the Cincinnati team that won the NCAA title in 1962.




answers – 1. Bevo Francis 2. Frank Selvy 3. Bob Pettit 4. Jack “Goose” Givens 5. Bill Walton 6. Jimmy Walker 7. Billy McGill 8. Howard Komives 9. Rick Barry 10. Ron Bonham

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