Madison Square Garden

Many Schenectady County and other Capital Region basketball and hockey fans have frequented Madison Square Garden over the years.  I know I have, especially for The National Invitational Basketball Tournament starting back in the early 1960s.  At that time, I was playing for Linton, and coach Walt Przybylo and his staff  would take us there.  We got to see a lot of Providence College and their stars like Lenny Wilkins and Ray Flynn, and a little guy named Vinny Ernst. The basketball looked his size when he floated down the floor.  Also got to see, among others, some of the Dayton Flyer teams. The Hatton brothers were two of Dayton’s star players.  Also saw St. Bonaventure and their stalwarts, Sam and Tom Stith. Any way, When the Garden reopens on November 1, 2012 with the Rangers hosting the Dallas Stars, it will be a different mecca.  There has been an ongoing $980 million, three-summer renovation.  The final product will have a re-vamped upper bowl which has combined the old 300 and 400 level sections.  That means that the concourse on the eighth floor will be twice the size and have higher ceilings.  The Garden will also bring back 1,000 of the blue seats, which will be located in the upper bowl.  Fifty eight luxury suites will also be part of the renovation.

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