Major League Speedballers of Yesteryear

Who are these former major league speedballers?  Answers below

1. He was still pitching at the age of 60.

2. Cleveland Indian pitcher of the 1950s who had 3 no-hitters and 46 shutouts.

3. MVP and Cy Young Award winner in 1971 for Oakland.  He went to the majors right out of high school.

4. He pitched a record fifth no-hitter in 1981.

5. Pitcher with a high leg kick who was 26-6 in 1966.  He had 51 career shutouts.

6. Lanky righthander who threw bullets for the Astros. He had a stroke which curtailed his career.

7. This Herb was the Cleveland Indian southpaw who was clocked at 91 mph.

8. This New York “Goose” was clocked in the high 90s.

9. Righty Don D. of the L.A. Dodgers.

10. L.A. southpaw Sandy _______




answers – 1. Satchel Paige 2. Bob Feller 3. Vida Blue 4. Nolan Ryan 5. Juan Marichal 6. J.R. Richard 7. Herb Score 8. Rich Gossage 9. Don Drysdale 10. Sandy Koufax

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