Marv Cermak & Bob McNamara

Sports writer Marv Cermak and sportscaster Bob McNamara were two of my favorites. Cermak did an outastanding job covering Schenectady County athletes and teams.  He was accurate, thorough, and interesting when he penned a local sports story in the 1950s and 1960s.  A Mont Pleasant graduate, Cermak knew the city’s pulse when it came to the sports scene.  He was as responsible as anyone for promoting Paul DellaVilla, Gary Trout , and Jack Edwards, who all gained football All-America recognition.  All three played for Mont Pleasant.  Trout and Edwards were ends, and DellaVilla a running back.  McNamara was a very controversial sportscaster, but I personally enjoyed him very much.  Interestingly, he once stated  that he felt Albany’s Charlie Leigh and Linton’s Ron Oyer were the two greatest high school football players ever to come out of this area.

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