Michael Haddix Breaks 1,000 -point Mark

Many Capital Region basketball fans are big supporters of the Siena College program, and were especially fond of Michael Haddix, their star player the 2004-2005 season.  Haddix went over the 1,000 career point mark that year, and he reached the milestone in less than 70 games.  Haddix became the second fastest Siena player to reach that mark.  The sensational Marc Brown did it in 61 games.  It took Jeff Robinson 74 games to go over 1,000 career points. Mark Faison 75 and Doremus Bennerman 81 games.  The last Siena player before Haddix to break the 1,000-point mark was Prosper Karangwa the 2002-2003 season.  Through 2005, 28 Siena players have totaled 1,000 or more career points.  Schenectady’s Mike Catino is among them.


Can you answer the following questions from the above passage?

answers below

1. In what year did Michael Haddix break the 1,000-point mark?

2. He did it in less than how many games?

3. Who was the only  Siena player to break 1,000 points in fewer games?

4.  Who was the last player before Haddix to break the 1,000 point mark?

5. Which Siena star from Schenectady scored more than 1,000 points?




answers – 1. 2004-2005 2. 70 3. Marc Brown 4. Prosper Karangwa 5. Mike Catino

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