Mickey Mantle & Billy Martin Go Hunting

Mickey Mantle and Billy Martin made a hunting trip to Mantle’s friend’s house in Texas.  When they got there, Mantle went to the house to greet his friend while Martin stayed in the car.  The Mick’s friend asked him for a favor.  His friend’s mule was sick and losing his eyesight.  The man just could not bring himself to put the mule out of his misery.  He asked Mantle if he would take care of it, and Mickey accepted.  Martin was still outside and knew nothing about the request, and Mantle saw an opportunity to put one over on his teammate and good buddy.  Mantle came out of the house and put on a good show, pretending he was upset and cursing his friend.  Martin immediately began wondering what was the problem.  Mantle told Martin that his friend had decided not to allow them to hunt on his property.  “I am so mad at him that I am going to shoot one of his mules.”   He told Martin.  “We can’t do that!” Martin responded.  Mantle pushed Martin aside and went into the barn and killed the mule.  When he came back, Martin was standing there with a gun, with smoke coming from the barrel.  “What did you do Billy?”  said Mantle with a bewildered look on his face.  “We’ll show that son-of-a-gun,” said Martin.  “I just shot three of his cows, too!”

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