Minnie, Oil Can, A Tobacco Chewer, and Other White Sox & Red Sox

Answers Below

1. They called this Chicago White Sox outfielder Minnie.

2. This White Sox second baseman played with a wad of tobacco in his mouth.

3. They called this Boston Red Sox pitcher Oil Can.

4. This Luis played shortstop for the White Sox.

5. This Red Sox outfielder had a major league playing brother who wore number 5 and could really make the shoestring catch.

6. This Freddie played centerfield for the Red Sox.

7. Who was the ineffective 2012 Red Sox manager?

8. What is the left field at Fenway Park called?

9. This great Red Sox hitter won the Triple Crown in 1967.

10. This athlete played for the Boston Celtics in the winter and pitched for the Red Sox in the summer.




Answers – 1. Orestes Minoso 2. Nellie Fox 3. Dennis Boyd 4. Luis Aparicio 5. Dom DiMaggio 6. Freddie Lynn 7. Bobby Valentine 8. Green Monster 9. Carl Yastrzemski 10. Gene Conley


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