Mont Pleasant’s Ernie Lotano & Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis

Former Mont Pleasant baseball/basketball standout (late 50s),  Ernie Lotano, roomed with the great football player Ernie Davis his freshman year at Syracuse University. They were teammates on the Orangemen’s  freshmen basketball team.  A few years later, Davis won the Heisman Trophy.  A great running back, he wore the magical number 44 that was worn by other great backs at Syracuse.  Among the players in that contingent was Jimmy Brown, who was, perhaps, the greatest running back of all-time.  Davis was to play professionally for the Cleveland Browns, but he died from leukemia before ever stepping onto the field for an NFL game.  He was only 23 years-old.  I remember it well, because he died on my birthday which is May 18.

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