More Thoughts

** Bob Cousy and Magic Johnson seemed to have eyes behind their heads.  They ran the three on two break to perfection, sometimes finishing with a behind-the-back-pass.  They both saw the floor so well.

** I’ll never forget when NBC left the Raiders-Jets game with the Jets ahead 32-29.  They switched to the movie Heidi.  The Raiders made a comeback and won, 43-32.

** Loved to watch Dwight Evans make those accurate throws with his rifle arm from right field to homeplate and third base.  He played alongside Fred Lynn and Jim Rice.

** Don’t you think Bo Jackson should have stuck strictly to football.  On the diamond, his liftime batting average was around .250, and he struck out well over 800 times.  This was in 694 games.

** New York Yankee Bernie Williams was overrated.  He had a weak arm in the outfield, and poor performances in World Series competition.

** Remember when Ara Parseghian played for a tie against Michigan State in 1966.  His team ran out the clock at the end, and the game ended at 10-10.  His quarteback, Terry Hanratty, was out of the game on that final possession.

** Two interesting heavyweight fights would have been Dempsey vs. Marciano and Ali vs. Louis.

** Loved to watch Otto Graham lead the Cleveland Browns when I was young.  He led them to seven titles in ten years and was an all-pro.

** Dan Marino took a lot of knocks for never winning a Super Bowl.  But if you think back, he never had a great defense or standout and productive running back.

** Talking about quarterbacks, I was greatly entertained watching Roger Staubach throw and scramble at Navy and then for Dallas.  He could have been a little more consistent throwing the pigskin.  Staubach won one Super Bowl.

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