Moses & Jesus Playing Golf

Moses, Jesus, and another guy were out playing golf one day.  Moses went to the tee and hit a long drive.  It landed on the fairway, then rolled toward  the water.  Moses quickly raised his club above his head and the water parted, and the ball rolled to the other side in a good position.  Next, Jesus  lazily walked up to the tee and struck the ball, and it headed right toward the same water trap. It landed right in the center of the pond  and kind of hung over the water.  Jesus walked out onto the pond and chipped it onto the green.  The third guy goes up to the tee and just wacks the ball, and it goes over the fence and into traffic on the street.  The ball bounces off a car and hits a tree.  Then it bounces onto the roof of a house and rolls down into the gutter, down the downspout, and onto the fairway and right for the same pond.  On the way to the pond, the ball hit a stone, and it  bounced over the water and landed on a lily pad where it just sat.  Suddenly, a bullfrog jumped up on the lily pad and sucked the ball into his mouth.  Just then, an eagle came down and grabbed the  frog and flew away.  As they passed over the green, the frog became frightened and dropped the ball which bounced, then dropped right into the hole for a hole in one.  Moses then turned to Jesus and said, “I hate playing with your dad.”

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