Name the Golf Course

Which golf course is it?  Answers below

1. This golf course is located on Pangburn Road.

2. This course is situated on route 406, just before you get to route 20.

3. Just a par three say the Armstrong brothers.

4. It was once home to the Schenectady Blue Jays.

5. Johnny Maurycy and Rick Walcott were both head pros at this club at one time.

6. This golf course was once known as the Walhalla Country Club.

7. Coming from Schenectady, take a left at Peter Harris Plaza, and this course is just down the road on your left.

8. Take a left out of the parking lot of this golf course and the firemen practice just down the road.

9. Nott Road runs alongside this golf course.

10. Head toward Guilderland Center, take a right not far before you get there, drive up and around, and this course is on your right.




answers – 1. Briar Creek 2. Hillcrest 3. Whispering Pines 4. Stadium Golf Course 5. Mohawk Golf Club 6. Riverview Landing 7. Mill Road 8. Schenectady Muny 9. Edison Club 10. French’s Hollow


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