Nancy, An Australian & A Lightheavyweight Champion

Answers Below

1. This Nancy, a Hall of Fame golfer, was a 4-time LPGA Player of the Year.

2. Who was the youngest figure skater to win U.S. and World Championships in 1997?  T.L. are her initials.

3. L.L. was the heavyweight champion from 1997-2004.

4. Who was the track and field star who won 9 Olympic golds in sprinting and the long jump?

5. Who won Olympic gold medals in springboard and platform diving?

6. Who was the Australian who won the tennis grand slam twice (1962, 1969)?

7. This Willie of the Giants hit 521 career homeruns.

8. Who belted  a then record 70 homeruns in 1998?

9. Who was the lightheavyweight champion from 1952-1962?

10. This great hurdler was undefeated in 122 consecutive 400 meter hurdle races.




answers –  1. Nancy Lopez 2. Tara Lipinski 3. Lennox Lewis 4. Carl Lewis 5. Greg Louganis 6. Rod Laver 7. Willie McCovey 8. Mark McGwire 9. Archie Moore 10. Edwin Moses



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