National Champions

Answers below

1. What trophy dies the BCS Championship Game winner receive?  it is designed with a crystal football.

2. What quarterback led Notre Dame to the national championship in 1977?

3. Which college team won the first championship picked by the Associated Press sportswriter’s poll?

4. How many co-national champions were there  from 1936 to 2003?

5. What team won the national title and the Heisman in 1938 with Davey O’Brien at the quarterback slot?

6. Ohio State won its  first national title in 1942 under which legendary coach’s second year at the helm?




answers – 1. The Sears Trophy 2. Joe Montana (originally, he was the Irish’s 7th string quarterback) 3. Minnesota, 1936 4. 11 5. Texas Christian Horned frogs 6. Paul Brown (later became one of pro football’s great coaches


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