New York Mets Fans vs. New York Yankees Fans

There are many many New York Yankees and Mets fans in the Capital Region.  Tom Rywick, a psychologist at SUNY College of Fredonia, reported the results of a questionaire distributed to people in New York state.  The primary motivation for the survey was to find out if Mets and Yankees fans had similar likes and dislikes, or if they were different kinds of people.  The results showed that people under the age of 25 tend to either like or dislike both teams, while older fans usually prefer one team over the other.  Among those who have a preference, there are many differences in attitude.  Yankee fans are more likely to be Republican, they scored lower on a baseball quiz, and they are more strongly in favor of mandatory drug testing.  Yankee fans also have more definite opinions about baseball expansion.  The pinstriper faithful like hockey more, but they have less interest in jazz, big band, and classical music.

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