New York Yankees & Brooklyn Dodgers of Yesteryear

Who are they?  Answers below

1. This pitcher paired with Sandy Koufax formed a prolific 1-2  punch for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

2. This former New York Yankee second baseman once coached the South Carolina baseball team.

3. He had ALS.

4. They called him Louisiana Lightning.

5, The bi-racial catcher of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

6. This Yankee was a huckleberry.

7. This southpaw Brooklyn pitcher grew up in Glens Falls.

8. This Brooklyn centerfielder came along at the same time as Mantle and Mays.

9.  This human vacuum cleaner had a brother named Ken who played for the Cardinals.

10. This Hank was the New York right fielder at the time Skowron and Berra were playing for the Yankees.





answers – 1. Don Drysdale 2. Bobby Richardson 3. Lou Gehrig 4. Ron Guidry 5. Roy Campanella 6. Phil Rizzuto 7. Johny Podres 8. Duke Snyder 9. Clete Boyer 10. Hank Bauer

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