Notre Dame, USC, & Ohio State are the Heisman Leaders

December 7, 2012

Going into this year’s Heisman Trophy balloting Notre Dame, USC and Ohio State have had the most winners (7 each).  Here is a list of players from these schools who have won the award:

Notre DameAngelo Bertelli (QB,1943), Johnny Lujack (QB,1947), Leon Hart (E,1949), Johnny Lattner (HB,1953),  Paul Hornung (QB,1956), John Huarte (QB,1964), & Tim Brown (WR,1987).

USCMike Garrett (HB,1965), O.J. Simpson (RB,1968), Charles White (RB,1979), Marcus Allen (RB,1981), Carson Palmer (QB,2002), Matt Leinhart (QB,2004), & Reggie Bush (RB,2005).

Ohio StateLeslie Horvath (QB,1944), Vic Janowicz (HB,1950), Howard Cassady (HB,1955), Archie Griffith (RB,1974, & 1975), Eddie George (1995), & Troy Smith (QB,2006).


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