Nott Terrace, Dave Bleau, Tiffany Maurycy & More…

The Dust Bowl – The Nott Terace football team practiced in the “Dust Bowl,” which was across the street and up the hill from the high school which was located on Nott Terrace.  The “Dust Bowl” was in the vicinity of the Schenectady Museum.  I guess we do eat a bushel of dirt before we die.

Don Booth – The Niskayuna High School football coach of the early 1960s had his fullhouse backfields and three yards and a cloud of dust offense.  Shades of Woody Hayes and the Buckeyes of Ohio State.  Booth,  however, was a bit more subdued on the sidelines than was the feisty Hayes.  Booth was a class act.

Bill Stern Award – In the 1950s, the Bill Stern Award was being presented to the top Schenectady County high school athlete. Representatives from the Schenectady Gazette, and the Union Star sports staffs and WGY-WRGB’s Bob Bender evaluated the athletes and selected the winner.

Petta’s & Mother Ferro’s – Mont Pleasant athletes went to Petta’s Restaurant on Duane Avenue, and the Nott Terrace/Linton jocks to Mother Ferro’s on Barrett Street for  bite to eat after a game in the ’50s and ’60s.

Dave Bleau – The former Mont Pleasant basketball coach and Schaefer Brewer basketball player rattled the hoops for 60 points in a game when he was playing his college ball for Cortland State.

Jane Sayles – Sayles had a brilliant golf career.  She was named the Schenectady County Golfer of the Year three times and was runner-up in the New York State Women’s Amateur Tournament.  Sayles also finished second four times in the New York State Seniors Tournament.  Her main strength was her putting, and she consistently drained medium-range putts.  Sayles passed away at the age of 86.

Larry Mulvaney – Former Mont Pleasant football coach, Larry Mulvaney, grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts, and he attended Springfield College.  Later, he coached Agawam High School for three seasons.  One of his teams won the Western Massachusetts title.

Tiffany Maurycy – The daughter of former Mohawk Country Club head pro Johnny Maurycy and a Niskayuna High graduate, Maurycy won the Schenectady County Open twice and was named Golfer of the Year by the Schenectady Gazette in 1984.  She attended William & Mary College, and I believe she still resides in Denver, Colorado.

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