Oh, By the Way

Oh, by the way,  for all you John Wooden fans, the reason I picked Mike Krzyzewski the other day as the greatest college basketball coach of all-time, was because he has coached during an era when players are more rebellious, they have less self-discipline both on and off the court, and they are less likely to follow the instructions of their coach.  Somehow, Krzyzewski gets his players to buy into his program, and they understand the “team” concept.  I know it sounds unfair to Wooden, and to me they are very difficult to separate as great coaches.  Coach K and Wooden are equal in most aspects, but the era in which they coached is the barometer by which I separated the two.  If it had been reversed, and Wooden had coached in the Krzyzewski era, and Krzyzewski in the Wooden era, I would have gone with the Wizard of Westwood.

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