Oklahoma’s Brian Bosworth was Known as the “Boz”

Brian Bosworth, Oklahoma’s all-everything, burst onto the scene a number of years ago with jewels in his ears, a mohawk, and a three-inch tail hanging down his neck.  He also:

** Bragged about how he was an accomplice in sabotaging autos in a general motors assembly line.

** Took silver from a public fountain to pay for a bill.

** Ate dinners while waiting in checkout lines in supermarkets.

** Spit at opponents and put disgusting loogies on them.

** Was banned from the Orange Bowl game because he tested positive for steroids, and he roamed the sidelines wearing a T-shirt knocking NCAA officials.  It read, “National Communists Against Athletes.”

** Won the Butkus Award as the best linebacker in college football.


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