Pat Bradley, Roosevelt Grier, The Heisman, & More

Answers Below

1. Pat Bradley competed in what sport?

2. Roosevelt Grier played for which NFL team?

3. Billy Haughton competed in which sport?

4. Who was the 1999 Super bowl MVP?  a. Terrell Davis b. John Elway c. Desmond Howard d. Emmitt Smith

5. Who was the University of Texas star who won the Heisman in 1998?

6. Which cup is given to the NHL champions?

7. Who was the NBA MVP in 1984, 1985 and 1986?

8. Which award is given to the outstanding college basketball player in the country?

9. Who was nicknamed “The Pearl”?

10. Who was the Utah Jazz guard who racked up a load of assists dishing it off to players like Karl Malone?




Answers – 1. Golf 2. New York Giants 3. Harness Racing 4. b. John Elway 5. Ricky Williams 6. Stanley 7. Larry Bird 8. John Wooden Award 9. Earl Monroe 10. John Stockton

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